Art Students at SLA visit SkyBox Gallery

Tuesday, October 12 Art Students went to the SkyBox gallery to see an artist install a site specific sculpture. The artist is Arurora Robson and the opening is Friday, October 15. Ms. Robson described her work being inspired by childhood nightmares and she combines her inspiration with the nightmare we all share in harnessing the amount of plastic produced and its effects on the environment.

Students were thanked for their efforts in collecting caps and they even received a shout out on the gallery wall, picture below. All the art students were asked to create a sign for the school walls that demonstrated their knowledge of the elements of design. There was a slide show of all the posters presented to Ms. Robson. She enjoyed them very much.

Finally upon our departure Ralen Robinson thanked Ms. Robson and gave to her our traditional lab coat. Ralen explained that it is an SLA tradition to give a lab coat to adults and experts who give their time to meet and speak with SLA students and teachers.




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