Art Work Q1

This quarter in art class was really fun and I really enjoyed creating these art pieces. I got to use different tool and materials, like very different types of paints, charcoal and other materials necessary to get my end result. While using these materials I also learned new techniques such as how to hold charcoal in order to create shading using pressure, or how to use different colors to create ombre-like, effects.  Now as for my art I had different inspirations for each art piece. 
    My very first art piece this year was the ceiling tile. For me, this is the most important art piece that I have created so far this quarter. For one, my inspiration behind it was the dreamer's act movement. Around the time that this assignment was assigned Trump had removed the Dreamer Act and many immigrants were left with nothing and all they could do was fight for their rights. I am Latina and I wanted to show my support to the thousands of Latinos that had been hurt by this, so I painted the word dreamers on the ceiling tile. I also painted a moon and stars to show that to them the stars and moon are the limits. As long as one fights for what they believe in anything is possible. I wanted to create an ombre-like effect so I used the two colors of the sky, light blue for daytime and dark blue for nighttime, and created an ombre-like effect as well. Throughout this whole art piece, I used paint as my main material. I felt very proud creating this work of art.
    The second work of art that I created was the fall wall hanging, this assignment was one of the more easier ones and an assignment where I had one image in mind. For this assignment, a typical fall scene was the inspiration for my artwork. When I thought of fall I thought about the leaves falling and the time change. I tried to create a theme throughout all my artwork so for the sky I also created an ombre-like effect like I did for the ceiling tile, however, I went for warmer tones. The main material I used for this drawing were color pencils. I had fun creating this drawing. 
    The final art piece that I created was the self-portrait. This was one of the longer and harder pieces. I really had to learn new techniques and work with materials that I had never used before to create this piece. For one, I had to use charcoal as one of the main materials and at first, it was very hard working with it but after I learned how to blend it to create a nice effect with it. I made the self-portrait by using a picture of myself as a guide. In pictures and everywhere else we have shadows, so one of my major struggles was creating these shadows in the portrait. I learned how to create shadows by using different pressures on my materials and learning to press harder or lighter when needing to create different lightnings. I also tried to use the theme of ombre again in this drawing and I decided to do it in my hair. I used black charcoal to make the ends of my hair much darker and then blending it out and making it lighter in the roots. In the end, I had an art piece that resembled me. I was very proud of completing it.  
    I had lots of fun in this class. It was a very joyful environment in which I felt like I could always work in and have focus in. All three of my art pieces were created with much work and inspiration.