Artist's Slideshow Q2

I am proud of the evolution of my artwork throughout this quarter. My first pieces were the blind contour line drawings. Because I did them without looking down, they are probably the most abstract work I have produced this year. The colored versions, however, bring new life to the pieces and I really enjoyed how they turned out. My third project, the "choose your own" painting, was a watercolor piece that I had a fun time with. I love drawing faces (I'm sure you've sensed a theme), and I took this opportunity to paint a face rather than draw one. My most ambitious piece, the recreation, was a model of Andy Warhol's "Campbells Soup Cans".  I used Adobe Illustrator to map and create the image line for line. My Illustration from a piece of writing was inspired by a line in Cormac Mccarthy's "The Road". Finally, my photo edit was an image of me taken with the help of Mr. Herman's cameras. I have really enjoyed all of the projects so far this year and I can't wait to see whats next.