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This quarter I focused on creating art that described how I felt in the moment. Whatever came to mind, I just made it. A lot of the art that I created during this quarter were based off of television shows that I watched.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed crocheting the halter top the most. Making the halter top involved doing something that I love, crocheting. Crocheting is something that helps me relieve stress, so I took the opportunity with open hands. Another good thing is that I was able to use the halter top as a project and earn credit for it while also profiting off of it. 

Anything that involved me coloring was something that I somewhat disliked. Usually when I draw, I like to keep my artwork black and white. Unfortunately, some of the assignments required me to color them in for the final presentation. I am not the best at shading things so that frustrated me a bit and the overall process is just so time consuming. 

This entire quarter was pretty hard and stressful for me but I can say that I am proud of the artwork that I produced. Growing up I was a big fan of art and I somewhat got that spark back creating artwork this quarter. Hopefully I can keep up the good work and allow other people to enjoy my artwork as well.