artist's statement and blog: Amelia Stuart

Week 2: For the abstact painting, I simply dotted a canvas with different colors and called it abstract. My technique for the dots was very specific, I gently pressed the paint against the cabinet, watching the color expand over the white surface, and I pulled the color along, then the hardest part, I carefully yet quickly ficked my wrist, leaving a perfect tail behind. Each dot took approximently 5 minutes.

Week 3/4: I chose three mandalas that made my heart sing. The calm I feel when I fill in each outlined space is indescribable. I reached such a zen feeling as I colored, I became copletely unaware of the time and the worries of my day. 

Week 4/5: I wanted to create a portrait of myself, without actually showing my face. So I drew a young girl, weirding a bold, beautiful dress, but still nervous and uneasy. Which I feel is representative of my self character. 

Week 6/7: I used charcoal to create this piece. It got my hands really dirty and was hard to control. I usually like charcoal, but when I don't have to be inside the lines. I dont reccomend charcoal.  

Week 8/9: I made a dog, and showed my process of making said dog from shapes.

Week 10: I made a raccoon, he looks like a Sal. I made a raccoon cause I think they're cool and weird. I started it as a pencil drawing, but put charcoal on top of it. Because the pencil was giving me the fur-like look, the charcoal made it look a lot better.