Artist Statement
This marking period in art, created multiple projects. They include: a ceiling tile, a fall wall hanging and a self portrait. 

For the ceiling tile, I️ wanted to create something that meant something to me. When I️ was younger, I️ immigrated form then Dominican Republic to the United States at the age of 3. I️ left my younger brother and my mother behind and lived with my older brother and father and we all shared one TV. One of my oldest memories are of me watching the show Care Bears. I️ took that as inspiration and painted a care bear on my ceiling tile. I️ used acrylic paint. 

For my fall hanging, I️ drew a cartoon of Minnie and Mickey Mouse, my favorite characters as a kid. They were picking up acorns besides a tree. I️ crumpled up green pieces of paper to make the top of the tree look more realistic one would say. To tie my work all together I️ a book like joke and when you open the piece of paper the answer to the joke was inside. I️ wanted to include many different parts to make my work as creative as possible.

The last piece of art we worked on this quarter was our self portrait. For my self portrait I️ decided not to use color. I️ too I️ more simple route and sketched myself, adding more details on my eyes and hair, which was meant to highlight my two favorite features about me. 

As this school year progresses, I️ would like to work on trying to express myself through art, to a point where I️ wouldn’t even need to explain myself, people would already know what message I am trying to convey.