Artist Statement Q2

 As an artist, I work hard to create drawings and paintings that speak to me about beauty that exists. Every artist has an inspiration mine is just straight out beauty. The word beauty these days is used so easily used, leaving no real meaning. Yet my art is to define the true meaning that lies right beneath our eyes. I try with every finished piece of art to create beauty that all are starting to neglect. I merely do not just want to capture an image but to define it. Each painting or drawing has something of mine in it not only that I made it, yet that their is something in their that can help define me as a person. When I work with a pencil I know that this pencil can create so much. I begin with a image in my mind and soon look at real life examples. I know a piece is done when I know that there is something that hints something about me and true beauty. When my work is going well I am filled with a sense of feeling good and knowing that my work has paid off. When I want people to see my work I want them to see a good job and attract allure. Hopefully all can see some good in my work, as I do. For trying is also a main key.
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