Asher Swartz Why I Don't Have an ILP Thursday 10/15/15

I was planning on fixing this problem by meeting with Jeremy after school today. I had sent him an email and was planning to follow up as soon as possible. Last week I attended the meeting for ILP-less people, and sent the accompanying email. Since then, I have been in contact with my Grandfathers accountant. I have sent him a description of myself and what I need and intend to have. Hopefully he will be able to direct me to any of his clients with an internship position. If I had sent this earlier, maybe I would have an ILP by now. I have been looking for opportunities for ILPs, but have seen none. I am not in contact with many people who could have set me up, so I didn't have any options before the big meeting. This delayed me a lot, as I had to wait for the meeting which gave me a week to find one. I think it's important to look more intensely. I probably could have found one earlier if I tried, but I thought that the meeting would have been sooner. It's important to actually look hard, and not just assume there is a system set up for people not looking hard.