Ashley Spells Capstone


Fashion has always been a big part of my life. It's something that I enjoy watching, modeling and now designing. For my capstone I collaborated with Naihema Powell ,Sophie DeOliveira & Jamira Carter. Together we put on an amazing show(link below). At the show I showcased the designs that I made throughout the school year with my outside mentor Butter. This was the first year that I actually made clothing. Usually I would model the clothing of someone else but this year I wanted to try something different. Last year in my ILP I worked with Ms. Emily and she was a seamstress and she's really the one that motivated me to do this. Before having this ILP I only could sew things that needed to be repaired, After this learning experience I learned how to make a lot of different things. Ms. Emily pushed me to do better and to keep learning. Starting out I wasn't good at all, I hated what I made. After months and months of practice and staying motivated I was able to create these beautiful pieces. There were many bumps in the road. I had to fundraise a lot in order to make everything happen. The fabric that I used for my designs were not cheap. They were quality fabric. I wanted my models to love and feel good in what they were wearing. Fundraising was a major part of my success within my capstone. I raised a lot of money in order to make my senior project a success and it really paid off. I really did an amazing job and i'm really proud of myself and everyone who helped in the process of completing my capstone.

My Capstone:

Link to Fashion Showcase: