Atoms + Art//Beryllium//Sam Friedman

My element's name is beryllium and beryllium's atomic number is 4. It was first discovered by Louis Nicolas Vauquelin, a chemist and pharmacist from the late 18th century. Vauquelin discovered beryllium in its oxide form in beryl and emerald. The metal was isolated in the early 19th century by two other scientists separately,Wohler and Bussy.

I got the idea to make this the imagery for my element from my research. The only things that used beryllium were machines for rocket science and adjustable wrenches. I thought that ajustable wrenches were something that the class and I can relate to better. I also thought that a wrench is something that we have more of chance of using the a spaceship.

The process that I went through making this print was first sketching and perfecting my design. Then I copied my design onto tracing paper. After that, I got my put my tracing paper and pit it backwards over my plate and carved my backwards design into my plate. I rolled my plate with paint and firmly pressed it onto a blank piece of paper.

If I were to do printmaking again, I would make sure my design was properly carved out onto my plate. I would also wish to spread my horizons and mix some colors for some unique results. Looking back on it, I would also treat my plate with more care and take my time while printing, so that the result does not look rushed. Overall, this was a fun project that gave me new knowledge and a new ability.