Attempting to see beyond the white curtain: The Podcast

The idea for this project was inspired by Indee's topic of choice, being biracial.  Once I heard her discussing what she was going to write about an outline for my own paper began to form in my mind.  Race is a topic I have developed an intense passion for.  Yet, as a majority I always question my place in the discussion.  I figured that by studying the topic intently it would help me come to grips with my inner conflict. Deciding to go through with my topic was hard for me though, because I feared the possible reactions that would follow the publishing of my paper on slate.  My passion for the subject overcame my fear. I determined that my best product would come only if I was truly invested in the topic .
There were many factor that contributed to the stable process of writing my paper. The fact that I had interest on my topic compelled me to dig deep into the realm of research using many videos as well as a documentary as resources. Therefore I had much proof to back up the statements I made within my writing. The only art of the process I found difficult was sitting down to write the paper. I kept returning to pages of research attempting to collect more evidence. I was trying to create a statement that was carefully worded, attempting to be as fair-minded as possible. In the end I learned that in order to have a conversation about race there must be respect given from all sides as well as an understanding and honesty of the past and present. The white race as a whole must remove the veil from their eyes and recognize that they are in a majority position, and with that, the understanding that minorities lead a different experience.


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