Audio Silence Podcast #3

Ayala, James, David, Kwan, Eric 

In this episode of Audio Silence, we discuss Author's Intent in George Orwell's book, 1984. The book was written during the period after World War II and reflects this by delving into government and government control. Orwell wanted the book to serve as a warning to the power government has over its people. 


Book References:
- Government surveillance (37)
- Government brainwashing (10-15)
- Ignorance and following the government blindly (56)

Comments (4)

Mindy Saw (Student 2019)
Mindy Saw

I think that this podcast describes good features of the book and discusses clearly how a time zone from then is similar to the present time. With intentions of what the author had in mind for this book, I can tell that the difference in the time periods are understandable between each generation. It is just a matter of understanding what changed whilst many stayed the same.

Nicholas Ryan (Student 2019)
Nicholas Ryan

Love the Law & Order gong effect lol. But, I really like how detailed you are in the recaps of the book and how well you inform your listeners of the plot and story details of the book. Even though I never read the book, I understood what you guys were talking about and your references, so well done!