The Autism Spectrum is a description for a wide variety of brain disorders that impair fine motor skills, socialization, and communication skills. As someone with Autism my life has been quite difficult and still continues to be difficult, however, for many people on the spectrum we are able to hyper focus on our interests and excel at them. There is no cure, but speech, occupational, and physical therapy are all things that can be used to help someone on the spectrum. We often live fixed schedules and follow a routine and change can be intrusive to us. In society we do not have heavy support or groups to back us. In recent years however, more and more programs have opened up but with limited support and or reach. However, here at SLA I have received a lot of support and this is something great for myself and fellow people on the spectrum. In reference to society, all that needs to be done is raise more awareness and support for my people and while accepting of us, do not treat us wholly different from our peers. We need to be involved in order to grow as people and this can only happen through the means of support of the common people.