Ava Olsen Capstone

My capstone was centered around the sport of ice hockey and the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation. I have been playing hockey for five years, and it has become such a huge part of me that I couldn’t help but involve it in my senior project. I started volunteer co-coaching a 10u girl’s ice hockey team in September, and stayed with them for an entire season for a total of 24 total hours volunteered. I also ended up writing four articles and counting for the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation, as well as a tribute to Mr. Snider, who passed away recently. It was an amazing experience to be able to show young girls how the dynamics and team building aspect of ice hockey work, and to use my writing skills to have articles published in a newsletter. It was a privilege and honor to get to work with such great people, and I am so happy that I was able to have that experience. I will never forget the people that were involved in making my senior project a success, and I hope to inspire those around me to do great things for the people in their lives that have done so much for them. The Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation has done everything I can possibly imagine for myself, so I am ecstatic that I was able to give back to that community.