Aysha Siddiquee- 2fer #7

Overhyped Much

Coachella a world renowned desert festival known for its aesthetic and the celebrity buzz. Since the beginning of spring the world is focused on branding one of the largest and well known music festivals. But the reality is it is not known for its content and musical focus but rather the celebrities that go and their posts about it that revolve around drawing in the public with more than 99,000 people that attend per night during the three day weekend. Coachella is overhyped and popular based off of Celebrity buzz which is based off the name they hold.

Coachella is known for being one of the most popular music festivals in the U.S. It is advertised on all forms of social media and media. Not only by celebrities but by other socials. On Dashtwo’s site it states “One of the single biggest music events on the West Coast is upon us. Coachella sold 198,000 tickets last year – and that’s not including the thousands upon thousands of people who left LA to attend the hippest of Coachella parties for the weekend. A lot of celebrities will tweet it, they Instagram it. It goes viral. It’s a great social media tool.” In other words a lot of celebrities and socials are paid to advertise the festival to draw in more attention to the festival the more attention that it is given the more increased amount of ticket sales there are. So in the statement above it clearly states how once the celebrities start to tweet and instagram about Coachella it goes viral. Celebrities present a major influence on how popular Coachella gets and the buzz it gets. Since they not only are featured by magazines when they go but they too are getting more attention. So this draws in more fans who want to go in hope of meeting the celebrity they want to meet.

Not only do the celebrities themselves promote Coachella and make it as successful and popular as it is, but big companies and branded magazines as well. Some of the most popular magazines include: Harper's Bazaar, Elle Magazine, Peoples Magazine, Seventeen Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine which are very well known and advertised magazines that feature Coachella Celebrities. They include an entire section in their issues about which celebrities will be attending Coachella in order to draw in more of the attention from the public. The title of Elle Magazine’s cover is “All the Celebrities at 2018 Coachella” then there are multiple pages on the celebrities that are at Coachella currently and this is not only drawing the public in for the festival currently but the upcoming ones in the next years to come. So the public is more infatuated to come in the upcoming years in hopes of meeting certain  celebrities.

Coachella is sponsored by not only world renowned celebrities but youtube personals that are being sponsored by big companies to go to Coachella. This is so that Coachella receives more publicity and fans to attend based off of the Youtubers large fan base. In a recent video uploaded by the ACE family that has a fan base of over 7 million followers they were endorsing or presenting coachella tickets and where to get them cheaper. They explained how they partnered themselves with a ticket company called SeatGeek where Coachella tickets will be cheaper if people use the code provided in the description box below their video posted. They also explained how they too will be at Coachella, meaning that their fans will have the opportunity to meet them by going to this event. In other words, companies are sponsoring youtubers as well for their fame and fan base in order to increase ticket sales. They do this by drawing in the attention of public by appealing to the public that not only will the youtubers themselves will be there but the tickets will be sold for a cheaper price if the given code is used. Moreso, Even youtubers are used for their large fan base in order to endorse Coachella to draw more attention and people.  

Coachella is an overhyped event that is endorsed by celebrities and other well known persons. Other name brand companies that are based off of Celebrity Influence play a big role in making Coachella what it is. Since without them meaning the celebrities and the branded magazines a large number of the people who attend Coachella would not. Many of the people that do attend, attend in hope of seeing their favorite celebrity or someone they admire.

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