Aysha Siddiquee- Capstone

Coming from a culturally diverse background one of the recurring themes in my life is how many family and friends have come over time to the U.S. based on preconceived notions. I wanted to create a document that would not only make their lives easier when it comes to adjusting to a new country, providing more insight on what to expect, while simultaneously helping their kids along the way as well by providing stories relatable to different age groups. This document has many layers to it which includes my personal story about adjusting to a new culture given parents who both come from two different countries and backgrounds, explanations of different aspects of culture shock, specific locations and regions as to where a certain group of people is located in the U.S., and the stories of people of different age groups in order to not only help those deciding whether or not to come to the U.S. but what the reality of it all is. One of the most common themes in my document is religion, not only for the educational purposes for those coming here but to create a better understanding of the culture shock. In general, this document is to be a guide for those who are coming from abroad and for anyone else who would like some insight into the lives of immigrants and their stories, while doing this project I learned more about the different obstacles that people face coming to the U.S. and the reasoning behind why they choose to make the big move.

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