Azaria Burton's Capstone

​Capstone Abstract

My Senior Capstone Project was to learn how to use Processing by attending my computer science engineering class everyday, creating a blog showing what I learned in class and to create a game that was completely separate from my class in order to show what skills I had learned throughout the year. I wanted to learn how to use Processing for my capstone because I realized how important coding is and I wanted to learn a completely new skill this year instead of doing my capstone on a topic that I was already knowledgeable about. I created the blog so that others would have a chance to see what Mr. Miles taught my class, but also so that I could track what I had learned and be able to see how my coding skills progressed over the school year. Lastly, I created a game separate from my class because I wanted to show that I am able to create a code using Processing without having Mr. Miles walk me through it. I also believe that  the combination of my blog and my game will get people more interested in CSE while also being able to see how I’ve evolved over the year.  Although I’ve enjoyed creating my senior Capstone I have had some rough patches. The biggest one being creating my asteroids game because I only have computer science twice a week and there were skills that I hadn’t learned in class that I had to learn by myself in order to complete my game. In all, I enjoyed completing my capstone.

Link to my blog: 

My blog post shows all of the work I've done this year

Link to video showing my Asteroid game:

I also have a picture of my Ping Pong game below and my annotated bibliography is attached. I created the ping pong game as a homework assignment but will also be showing at my Capstone presentation. 

Capstone Annotated Bibliography, Azaria Burton
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 10.42.00 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 10.42.00 PM