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Through out this quarter we were assigned a project named ‘You and the world’. You and the world is a research project that has us teenagers connect with more than just our daily issues. With world issues we choose these world issues and than explore the topic keeping in mind what we learned, and what we would like to learn more about.

 The second largest criminal activity goes to human trafficking. Human trafficking is an act of transporting humans especially women and children through use of force for sexual exploitation. According to UNODC human trafficking is all around the world, all countries in the world is affected by trafficking. About 80% of human trafficking involves Sexual exploitation, and 19% involves labor exploitation. I became interested in researching human trafficking when I first the movie  ‘Human Trafficking’. While watching the movie it was the first I heard of human trafficking and I wanted to learn more about the topic. I wanted to learn how much of the world is affected by it and what is being done to stop Human trafficking.

 Through my research I have discovered that there are 8 main topics on the causes of trafficking:

·      Drug and alcohol abuse

·      Expansion of organized crime

·      Illiteracy and lack of education

·      Lack of political will to end the practice

·      Corruption

·      Poverty and unemployment

·      Low status of girls in many countries

·      Inadequate or non-enforced laws

 I also have discovered that are different forms of exploitation:

·      Forcing victims into prostitution

·      Subjecting victims to slavery or involuntary servitude

·      Compelling victims to commit sex acts for the purpose of creating pornography

·      Misleading victims into dept bondage


I wonder what are all these countries doing to stop human trafficking or if some of the countries are doing anything at all. Do traffickers let their victims free or do they kill them?

 Through out this learning experience I would like to go into depth with Human Trafficking in the U.S. What is the U.S doing to prevent Human Trafficking and how much of the U.S is affected by trafficking. 

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