Bea Gerber Capstone

For my capstone, Becca and I created WANDERING EYES, an interactive photography exhibition/fundraiser celebrating the work of refugee photographers who have gone through a ReFocus photography and media workshop in Lesvos, Greece during their wait for asylum. After traveling to Greece last summer as teaching artists for the workshops, Becca and I knew we needed more people to get a taste of the hands of experience we were lucky enough to have in order to give people a personal connection to a pressing crisis that often feels distant. For our exhibition, I wrote and designed large informational posters that lined the walls and gave viewers a look inside the refugee crisis and the situation in Lesvos, smaller directional signs to guide viewers through the experience, 8 detailed artists cards to connect viewers to the artists and their work, and postcards for sale and business cards distributed at the event. In addition, I edited together interviews of the teaching artists and artists found on the artist cards and put them into a website for a projection room at the end of the exhibition. I also managed our email and newsletter, handled poster distribution, and made connections with local businesses that supported our project and printed our photos and cards for a fraction of their original costs. I took on a lot for this project and lost a lot of sleep, but I learned so much about graphic design, networking, marketing, and my personal work ethic and I am more proud of this exhibit than anything I have ever done before. Over 100 people attended, and the feedback we received made it clear that we gave our community a better understanding of the conditions refugees face and the power of art amidst crisis, and raised hundreds of dollars for the workshops and helped show Americans what refugees are capable of.

This is the link to our Capstone folder. Inside are many folders and a lot of information but it is as organized as we could make it.

Below is the WANDERING EYES newsletter sent out a few days ago reflecting on the event.
Below are a few of my favorite posters from the exhibition. 
Below are a few of the artist cards from the exhibition. On the front is information about the artist and on the back is one of their photos on display for the viewers to find in the gallery. 
Below is one of the postcards we sold at the event. The first image is the front side of the postcard and is on of the 25 designs we sold. The second image is the back which was consistent for all of them. 
Below is one of our 4 business card designs. The first image is the front and the second image is the back which was consistent for all of the designs. 
Below are a few photos from the exhibition taken by Ms. Walker Roberts and Ruby Ginsburg.
(we Facetimed a few of the artists during the exhibition)
(we Facetimed a few of the artists during the exhibition)
Lastly, here is the link to the interview website. I am in the process of turning WANDERING EYES into a digital museum, but for now, the interviews can all be viewed online using the link below. 

And the link to our bibliographies. The first link is to our bibliography from Capstone week and the second is the link to the sources used for information for our actual posters.

(I submitted this at 9, I just realized I forgot to add a few smaller things and some fo the pictures later)