Beauty is the Beast

a. What is this project about?

This project features and depicts the the rise and downfall of Lady Macbeth. It displays her manipulative behavior, self-harm, and eventual demise in a fast paced form. It is the creative extension of my original character analysis and depicts how I see her in a multimedia form.

b. What was your process like in crafting the creative portion of this project?

The process for this project was tireless. It took several days/hours to concept, revise and complete the art work and depictions of the characters. I originally chose the black and white, comic-styled, look, as inspiration from the Macbeth movie we saw. Like the yellowish, dull undertone of the movie, black and white gives a subdued and bleached look which I thought would be perfect for Lady Macbeth.

c. What difficulties did you encounter in doing this project? How did you overcome them?

One of the main difficulties was constantly changing my mind about things. For the outline of this project, I had so many ideas and didn't realize it would take so much time until I did them. I also had to get rid and redo things that wouldn't work. This constantly happened until I just decided to stick to a revamped version of my idea.

d. What are you most proud of in this project? Why?

If I had more time, I would have chose a different medium/style to draw in.

e. What would you change/do differently if given the chance?

If I had more time, I would have chose a different medium/style to draw in.

f. What did you learn from your colleagues' presentations/projects?

My classmates individually view each character different and portrayed them in a different volume. They also each had their own vision of how to present the story.
g. What did you learn about yourself as a result of doing this project?

I tend to sympathize with the antagonist the most. This is mostly likely because I was able to see past their flaws, especially in Lady Macbeth's case. I realized that even the most bad people are still human. That even if they are considered "evil", they are just as fragile on the inside as everyone else.