Before I Fall Q2 Benchmark Project

Before I Fall

By Lauren Oliver

Reviewed by Amelia Stuart

Before I Fall was Lauren Oliver’s first novel, she followed the book with Delirium the first book in a trilogy. The other books in the series include Pandemonium and soon to be published  Requiem. Before I Fall has been thought of as a movie for quite some time, and according to Lauren Oliver’s blog, the film finally has a director and will most likely be released in 2013 or 2014.

The book starts with Samantha Kingston waking up for school on February 12 better known as “Cupid Day” at her school where everyone sends their friends or boyfriend/girlfriend roses. Throughout her daily routine the reader is given snippets of her social life, like the fact that in just a few hours she will lose her virginity to her boyfriend Rob. Two new characters are introduced in the next couple of pages, one is Sam’s best friend Lindsay Edgecombe, the other is Sam’s friend Elody, her third friend Ally comes in later at school. The girls attend school and get their flowers, after school they learn that there is to be a party that night hosted by Kent, a not so popular boy who is in love with Sam. The girls get ready for the party and head over, Sam has the agreement with Rob that they will go to the party and stay for awhile before they leave. At the end of the night Rob becomes completely drunk and falls asleep on the couch, making Sam leave the party with her friends. The girls are driving down the road when it happens, a white flash comes in front of the car and Lindsay screams “shit”, “sight”, or “sit” Sam can’t tell. What she can remember is a horrible sound of metal on metal, the car folding in two. She wakes up the next day, confused to find that it’s February 12th again. This continues for seven days, each day Sam gets closer to finding out why her death happened, who was responsible, and she discovers the true value of everything she is in danger of losing. My favorite character is Izzy Kingston, Sam’s little sister. She is so unaware of social life and doesn’t care what people think of her, I like that, and I wonder why we shed that as we get older. I can’t relate to many of the characters in this story, I can kinda relate to Kent, I’ve sat around and watched people I care about become complete strangers. I’ve watched people I was friends with turn their personality around and become friends with the mean girl.

In my opinion I really liked this book, it was a little predictable but it kept me  going. I wanted to know what would happen to her and all the characters even though I already knew. It was a very unique way of writing a book. I appreciated Lauren Oliver’s view on teenagers and how realistic it was, it had drugs and cheating, but it also had love and friendship. The friendship was what really stood out to me, it showed what it really was, you and your fight sometimes you hate them, but when something happens you see that they care. If I could change one thing, I would change the romance between Sam and Kent, so that it didn’t exist. I think it was sweet but it was so predictable, and I think that they should have become friends not in love. I do recommend this book, it has a nice balance of literature but it can keep a teenager who hates reading involved in the book, and they might enjoy it, and they might not, but at least they will read it and have a good perspective on it.

Creative Portion

For my creative portion I decided to do an Album. I chose five songs that would be perfect for five certain scenes. I used the songs in my itunes account so its limited.

Bruno Mars- The Other Side: I thought this song would be good for a credits scene. The starting line is “Truth is I’m complicated, You’re as straight as they come” I thought this perfectly described Sam and Kent. It also has a good beat and if it was used in movies as a credit song and if I heard it, I would dance!

Cher Lloyd- Oath: I think this song is perfectly describing the friendship of Lindsay and Sam. It could be used in a scene where the girls are in a yogurt shop arguing then when they make up they get into a huge yogurt fight, throwing yogurt and just having the best time. The song also has a nice upbeat tempo but also has a sort of childish ring to it, which I think perfectly describes the scene.  

Coldplay- Fix You: I think this song is perfect for the scene where she has her dream for the last time and when she figures that she had her eyes closed and opens them and finds that she she has been flying the chorus will burst in and will mention guiding you home, igniting bones, and trying to “Fix You” Its a slow song so when that scene does come on it should be in slow motion, but continuing the song she begins flying around and the song is really perfect because it talks about high up above or down below.

Demi Lovato- Catch Me: I think this song is great for when she’s staying in his house and they're just staring at each other, because the song says don’t catch me for most of the song which represents Sam being unsure and how “my stomach screams whenever I look at you” Sam always talks about how nervous she gets around Kent. I think it perfectly fits their love story and what soundtrack doesn’t have a love song.

Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are: This song is perfect for when she and Izzy are exploring Sam’s old hideout and they’re lying on the rock just watching the clouds and Sam is wondering what Izzy will grow up to be. This song is like Sam singing to Izzy almost telling her not to change and not to end up like her, the mean girl who everyone is afraid of. Basically telling to hang on to her youth because it will be gone in a flash.