Before vs. After

I chose black so the white letters and white earphones are emphasized.

The picture of me is very simple and I have a very intricate swirl of thoughts representing music. I speak music to represent I represent it. Note that the word "are" is not very important, so it is relatively smaller.

From, I learned that a slide should not cram info. From I learned that there are certain colors that contrast , so I have a black background. From, I learned how to use Keynote’s Alpha. taught me to  use the word “you” or “your” far more than “I” “me” or “we.” And to make things pop out.

I bled my picture out the side and made the headphones pop out against the black. My thoughts of music spiral from my head into ooblivion. There is a minimum of words on my slide. They are absolutely relavant. And they are tilted slightly


After the constructive criticism, I made my head less choppy-looking by making it curve inward. Also, I made my face and the thoughts bigger because it is the main point. Instead of speaking, "melodies" , I made it a Larger , more intricate  letters underneath it. 
techppt copy