Being bullied because you're "Different"; Blog # 3

   This is my last blog and I'll be writing about people being harassed because they're gay and other situations that connect to the issue about gays being harassed.
I've done research about people being harassed or judged by because they're gay at school. I found a website which stated why people get bullied and harassed , the common reason is because they're "different" in some way. Homophobia starts early. I found an article about a woman who was bullied because she’s gay , she said that people would call her names , and she would get beaten up , which made her scared to go in to school every morning so she would skip class and school.


    Amongst adults  discriminatory views include the belief that gay people should not hold responsible jobs or be allowed to work with children. When I read this statement I was shocked because gay people are humans too! It makes absolutely no sense ,so what if they’re gay , why should that hold them back from getting a job.  My brother is 19 years old and he’s gay and has a job he is also great with kids. I honestly dislike stereo typical people they judge people from the outside not the inside but how they really are.


    My opinion about this is “really” why do teenagers get bullied , what for? I know that they are gay , but there is no real reason why kids do that. What’s so bad about being gay? Lots of gays cover about there sexuality so they won’t be judged. People who get bullied attempt suicide. I didn’t know being gay was this bad. How badly do they get bullied.  When will this stop? When will people just cut it out.