Believe In Yourself

Yoo why can't i make these damm 3’s. I know i'm not the best basketball player but dam Ms. Pahomov can ball better than me and she's an english teacher. Like i practice every single day. I didn't make the team last year(make some type of noise) everyday in the summer I went to taney, and practiced. I'm just standing here looking dumb. If i don't make this 3 pointer i'm done for the day.(notice a cute girl)  Woow, damm, oh god. She so cute. If i make this 3 i know that it will impress her. (shoots the ball and makes it) Yess!! I made it. I'm not sure if she seen it though like wt.. Ok let me calm down and just go over there. Oh hey (clears his throat) hey wsp what's ya name? Oh Sharina? Thats a nice name. So you do streaks? Ok you do. Can I get your Snap then? You said Sharina_taken? Oh so that means that you have a boyfriend? Ah my bad Tot I didn't know this was your girl.

I know I was just chillin and she was was just looking at me. So i don't know man? (Tot started yelling at her her) Yo Tot the truth is i didn't know who she was and I ask for her name. I did not mean for it to lead to where we lead. Yea man i am really sorry, i know why you are upset but dam it was an accident. Yea it was. Come on don't act like this. (challenges him to a basketball game) A one on one? Your like the best player in the whole school. Come on man please. You're going to embarass me infront of the whole school. ( sucks his teeth) Ard man come on. Wait i got ball first. I know i'm not as strong as you. Yo bro watch them elbows, you hit me in my face. I am playing ball. You what, just play come on. (he takes a deep breathe) I know i can make this shot. (makes it) Let's go!! All i need to do is just score one more and i win. You think your going to win.(started talking trash) I've been practicing this shot all year. (close his eyes) wait how did i miss!? I'm just like another flight reacts a walking L. let me be a bigger man. Yo tot good game. You think i did  good? Thanks. Yea your right, all you need to do is just believe in yourself. So no hard feelings? Ard thanks see you.