Bella Mezzaroba LucidCharts Home Network

Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 10.58.01 AM
Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 10.58.01 AM
​My L.A.N. (Local Area Network) consists of quite a few products. All of these products are connected to my wireless modem which runs on Verizon. My Wii is connected to my internet connection as well as my Kindle Fire. I've got a multitude of Apple Products, too. An iMac, iPad, and two Macbook Pros are also on my connection. Lastly, I have a epson printer that hooks up wirelessly to all of my products.

Looking back on this assignment, I realize there was a lot of things I didn't know or wasn't sure of. I've never even heard of LucidCharts before this. I was confused as to how to make a blog post and was questioning how to get the chart onto the post. Basically, I was a hot mess. After much thought and collaboration with my friends, I started to understand, though. Now I know how LucidChart works and that I will benefit by using it often. I also know how to make a post on this blog. Everything seems much simpler now.

A lot of people aren't really aware of their home network. I was one of them until Mrs. Hull made me realize it's a lot more than a computer with internet connection. Understanding your home network is the first step to understanding the technological side of the world. There's an entire universe out there on the internet and when you fully grasp it, doors of opportunity are opened to you.