Benchmark Reflection Zoe

How does this project relate to the real world?

This project relates to the real world with architecture and engineering. When you can't measure something directly, you can use triangle similarity to give you accurate measurements. This is very crucial to helping measure buildings or walls to help construct things for houses or other buildings. Also if you have an unknown measurement you can use triangle similarity to give you exact calculations. This can help us with when we might want to build a house in the future or when we want to have just basic measurements of our room. It is in general just an easy way to get a good understanding of triangles in everyday life, like buildings and relations. 

- What was the most exciting portion of this project and why? What was the least
exciting portion to this project and why?

The most exciting part of this project was going out and measuring the building sides. It was exciting being able to make accurate calculations based upon triangle similarity. Before this project, I had no clue that you could measure buildings accurately by using triangles. I think it was also a challenge for our group to measure each of the sides due to construction and the playground, but it was an interesting challenge. The least exciting portion of this project was making the changes. I felt this way because we already had to know the area and perimeter measurements so I feel it didn't really add on to the project and that it was just more work to do, because our main focus was on the scaling of the building and all of our other calculations.

What did you learn from completing this project?

I learned a lot from completing this project. The main thing I learned about was how I can use triangle similarity to measure buildings. And even though my group only used the mirror method, it's very interesting that you can use multiple methods and still get around the same answer. I also learned to manage my time better. I wasn't fully aware of the due date which made the last couple of days really rushed with work and I had a lot of work to do. Also it's very important to communicate well with your group members or else you won't get the task done.