Big as a Horror Movie // Eli


Eli Block

The first shot is of Josh waking up to his mom’s voice. She yells “Josh wake up!” in a motherly way. The camera is zoomed in on Josh’s face as he wakes up and his eyes open the camera zooms out. It appears as if nothing is wrong in that moment but it is clear to the audience that his life is not as it once was. As the camera zooms out you can see Josh is covered in blankets, the room is dull, grey covers the walls. You can see that it is still dark outside. The movie is very playful and full of colors so the dark colors create an immediate difference. The slow camera movement builds suspense.

The second shot is of Josh walking to the bathroom. You can see him walking at the second floor of the house while his mom is cooking below. The suspense continues to build. There is non-diegetic music playing, it is very ominous sounding which helps build suspense. Along with the music you hear the creaking of the floor signifying a lot of weight is being put on it and the comforting sounds of Josh’s mom cooking.  The sounds are incredibly important in this shot as it gives a homey feeling while showing not everything is okay. The camera does not move and shows both floors of the house.

The third shot shows Josh looking at himself in the mirror. The shot is an over the shoulder shot and shows Josh looking at himself. He begins to freak out. The camera then pans to Josh’s room where his mom is folding clothes. To her everything seems fine while the audience knows what happened to Josh. The camera then pans again to Josh trying to figure out what happened to himself. He clears his eyes and shakes his head. There is diegetic sound of all the actions happening.

The fourth shot is the most suspenseful. You see Josh cautiously leave the bathroom however he is clearly unaware of his mom in his room. The camera is at eye level and follows Josh as he slowly moves closer and closer to his room. The floorboards creak with each step. Then Josh’s mom shouts “Josh are you okay?” Josh’s face quickly changes, he looks mortified. He responds “yes mom” as he runs back to the bathroom. He closes the door and begins hyperventilating behind the closed door. The camera continues to stay at eye level while following Josh’s face.

The fifth and final shot is of Josh frantically collecting his things. The camera movement follows Josh’s and as he begins to trip and fall while getting his things together the camera shakes with him. The non-diegetic sound gets louder and faster. The suspense builds and it seems like something big is going to happen. At this point the room is bright. There is a big difference from the first slow moving dull shot and the fast moving bright shot that is happening now. As Josh attempts to put on his clothes he realizes he fits none of what he owns. Yet again we here Josh’s mom ask to make sure he is okay and this time there is more fear in his voice when he responds.