Bjquns History

Rashaun Williams

Bājíquán’s History

Bājíquán’s Creation

Wu Zhong, also called HongSheng, was the founder of Bājíquán in 1712, and the belief is that he created it in.  Chinese Muslim living in Meng Village of the Hebei Province and at age eight, he studied Wushu. He was practicing in his country yard when an old man named Lai Kou Yuan laughed and made fun of his martial arts techniques. Wu Zhong out of curiousity asked the man what style he was doing and the man’s response was 'Baji quan'. Wu Zhong then became Lai Kou Yuan’s student. After being taught from his master, Wu Zhong made it more advanced.

Bājíquán’s Greatest

Li Shu Wen was one of the most noted Bājí practitioners there ever was, being known throughout the world of martial arts as the “God of Spear”. He's famous for the quote, "I don't know what it's like to hit a man twice" which history has proven to hold truth. Due to the fact no one could defeat him, he was poisoned. One of his most famous and well known students, Liu Yun Qiao was Chinese Emperor Chiang Kai Shek’s bodyguard. From this, Bājíquán became known as the “body gaurd” style. Chiang Kai Shek had his own personal chef who was also a student of Bājíquán in aspirations to avoid suffering the same fate as Li Shu Wen.

People Using Bājíquán & How It Spread

Bājíquán was claimed as the official style of defense of Chinese Empire. It was passed down strictly only to people of Islam considering it’s creators were Muslim. It is said they did not consider themselves Chinese. As of now, Bājíquán is accepted in the Wushu family and is practiced all over the world. During its third generation, it spread throughout much of China, superficially in certain villages and cities. The disciples of Bājíquán though keep much of there techniques hidden and sacred.