Black Boy White School

Eric E Stewart Francis Bacon
The goal of my podcast was to learn more about my brothers experience as a young black boy at a private school. Through this,I wanted to silently guide him to talking about how that shaped his identity and what he ended up being exposed to as a result of his unique experience. A lot of my podcast was us making fun of each other, so I had to work really hard to make the transitions as smooth as possible between ideas, however you'll still hear the unnatural break or jump in my podcast.

What went well was the interview, as I knew it would. He was open, jovial, and projected his voice in a way that didn't require any editing. My only struggle was trying to export the recording as i'd done it on Garageband and the file would convert for whatever reason. However, through trial and error, I figured out I was pressing the wrong button and just edited and exported on Garageband, much easier than Soundtrap. I learned to look into the apps I use for recording to avoid situations like this again

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Sherell Messing (Student 2017)
Sherell Messing

Many people face this life change of being different than the majority around them. This same thing happened to me when changing middle schools and moving in a different area. This, I know, can change a persons identity.