Due to recent events in the BLM and LGBTQ+, I saw an opportunity to shed light on the lives of black transgender men and women. Injustice towards black trans people is a controversy that continues to be ignored. As a member of the lgbtq+ community, I feel as though in order for equality to be reached there needs to be a greater effort to protect the lives and rights of those people who suffer the most at the hands of our capitalistic, racist, transphobic and heteronormative society. I met with organizations on zoom, ask several different platforms for their opinions or answers to certain questions, donated to different organisations and educated myself, along with others. bib: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1myp5zDfgmh9iU5kcS7sK4JZMbTfls55kkjpudtq8gBw/edit#heading=h.uo91cyplw1sv Enjoy!

Tyria's Capstone