Block Party (Kashif Ahmad)


My partner and I researched the process to get a permit for block parties in the city of Philadelphia. For the process, the person who wants to arrange the block party has to do couple things before he/she can get a permit for the block party. First thing that personhas to do is go to "Streets Department" on JFK Blvd to get the application. After that's done, there's two parts to the application first page is a form asking for basic information such as the person's name, address and which block(s) will be blocked. The second page is a petition where the residents of the street thats going to be blocked has to sign it which means they don't have a problem with the street being blocked. It requires the name, signature and address of the resident. 75 percent of signatures has to be residents of that certain block. After that is completed, a 20 dollar check or money order is required with the application. If the application is being turned in 21 days before the event date then the cost will be 45 dollars. Once everything is turned in, wait for the application to process and obtain the permit. In my opinion this process is really simple and easy. Its also fair because without the permission of other residents, a blockparty wouldn't take place. 

Link to flow chart