Blog #1

I will be playing bass in my musical group. In order to play base one must fist get a guitar, then set us the frets appropriately to fit the sound of the song. Usually, the bass carries the deepest tone, and its always constant. Its actually the backbone of the song, and must be held by plucking the frets throughout the song. Unlike the rest of the instruments, it doesn't change at all past its consistent four count. In order to change a note you have put a finger on a different fret and continue strumming. This particular guitar is shaped like a rounded rectangle with a squeeze towards the middle, but the shape actually doesn't matter, so long as it has a hole directly under the strings for the sound to escape.

When you pluck the strings, the sound waves head into the hole directly beneath them, and resonate inside, bounding off the walls to enhance the sound and give it longevity. In addition to that, you can see the strings vibrating after you pluck them.