Blog # 2 You and the World

   I hope you enjoyed the 1st Blog and you informed others about the change we want to do. It really makes a difference when people know what the problem is. There are many things I want to talk about, but lets start off with this question. Who is to blame? When I asked myself this question believe it or not was that it was the countries fault. The location of these countries has huge drought rates. Their government was financially stable to take care of the people that lived there. 

I was so ignorant about a lot of things before I considered this. I soon figured I was wrong when I learned many of these countries need aid in all types of ways. When I traveled to West Africa last year, I saw so many different things like deserted beaches, filthy waterways, and empty rivers. There was also other things that were unusual in American communities. The most interesting thing I saw was how their water looked. It was in a bag! Yes I know a bag really, I was so upset and angry to see that people in America  thrive with water. While they need to drink water from a plastic bag.

Something needs to change. 

Recent research that I found was much more broder this time around. I couldn't believe that this was happening. On the NyTimes  it was giving a much important quote that really opened my eyes to what is to come. "Many of the wars in this century were about oil, but wars of the next century will be over water". This quote was said by Ismail Seragaldin, the World's bank vice president. This really shocked me because, I feel as though water is a God Giving substance. 

In this Picture above it showed the water in a bag.

While researching a came across this movie about water crisis all across the world. The trailer was interesting it as talking about a major group called FLOW. Flow is this international program that helps people all across the world come to terms that we have reached an international water crisis. I feel this is a important topic because it allowed me to realize the most important things in life are each other. We need each other.

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