Blog #3: Making a change in the community!

Hey, Vilma Martinez again! In my first blog I talked about Kitten neglection that occurs here in the

city of Philadelphia. In my second blog I talked about animal neglection in general. Now for my

final blog post I will be talking about what I did to make a difference in our community. For my

Agent of change action piece I decided to start a bake sale at my school, so that I can

have an opportunity to donate the money I raised to the PSPCA. Selling the baked goods at my

school was tough work, but it was something I managed to get htrough. I was able to raise a fair

amount of money to donate. After a while me and my mom finally decided to go down to the

PSPCA to donate the money. After meeting with two of their employees, we were given a tour

around the building.


The tour was… WOW. The building contained murals of animals that have passed on and

places for the animals to play and relax. The cats were so playful and sweet and then looking

into the animal hospital was heart breaking, the poor animals were caged recovering from

operation. Witnessing this was something that truly was so powerful because these animals

managed to survive so many things. I felt very happy.


We were able to see the cats and kittens in the building that were being put up for adoption. They

were so sweet and adorable, and most of the animals there were only cats and kittens. It was

really sad to see them there without a family to care for them.

Finally at the end of the tour I was able to give them the money and leave the building satisfied

that I did something good for neglected animals. I really do hope the animals in the shelter find a

home where they can feel safe in.