Blog #3 Post for change

Wow we’re finally here, my final post. Through out this project I realized that I couldn’t judge things I know a little about. Within my research lately I came across this organization called The Water Project. This is amazing organization because it really helped me find out how I can make change in a way I feel is most necessary. If you came across my second then you read about my experience in Sierra Leone. Well if you did miss it then in 2010 I traveled there with my family and I so many differences in how they act from American society. But one important difference I saw was how they receive their water, which is in a bag. I know really a plastic bottle that you have to poke a whole in. I was so outraged, it was indescribable. But with this foundation I found they can donate water to the people of that country.

·      That’s a start to how I want to help end this major crisis.


       To raise money and make it aware to people. I plan to have a school wide bake sale. That I will try to raise as much money as I can. I will post influential posters across my school. Science Leadership Academy. These posters will not only make people of the water crisis but informing them about the Bake Sale that will be held.


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