Blog Post #1: Enemy of the State

The government, or more specifically the NSA, was like a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. Reynolds & Co. were thoroughly trying to make Bobby's life a living hell: forcing him into a corner, prodding him with a stick until he had to eventually give. They were ruthless in their descent into madness. That oddly convenient   video tape tossed them over the end. They got sloppy, gullible which, lead to a slip-up that they would not be able to drag themselves from.

As for privacy rights, they were totally violated. Will Smith's character was battered, bugged and broke within a matter of days. This has the gears in my head churning; after all, if they supposedly (putting into perspective the dramatization of it being a Hollywood blockbuster, of course) had this level of technology back when I was merely three years, I have to wonder: what in the world does the government have stashed in their back pocket today?

Granted national security is a thing however, I would hope the government does not stick its nose where it is not needed. If they could narrow down the suspects inside branding every possibility as a terrorist attack waiting to strike, I could concede. As it stands, there is a reason why it is called personal information. Citizens do not want others to have access to their dirty little secrets and I, personally, find almost un-American for people, even the government, to be snooping through a person's laundry.

Though this might seem somewhat stupid, the government might be better off waiting instead basing things on a preemptive course of action. Although, it would make sense if someone, somewhere that have found a trend, a pattern that places the extremists on one boat. A method to pinpoint the crazy and leave the normals to their own devices. If all the fingers point to a person, that would be the only time freedom can be restricted. Then and only then, will the government actions suffice.

Annisa Ahmed
B Band