This project was about how Macbeth was driven to become evil by the witches, but was still at fault for going as far as he did. However, the video doesn't show that all that well, as it only shows the quotes. However, it served more as a summary of the book than a defense of the thesis. However, it does still show how Macbeth became more evil, and how the witches were involved. It's really just more of an extension of the written project, rather than a straight-up translation into video form.
I had a few time issues in the creation of this project. For example, the weekend it was supposed to be done I had a robotics competition. I ended up doing the whole thing that Sunday afternoon. However, I took the time to make the effort show- a good 6 and a half hours. I used my mom's copy of Adobe After Effects. I did the video by animating objects, such as type and images, in time with the music I chose ("Lunae Deae" by Makkon). I also had some objects' brightness linked to the audio, for added dramatic effect.
I'm really proud that I could learn After Effects in such a short time. I went in barely knowing how to use it and came out knowing the basics. Usually it takes me longer to learn the ropes of software as complicated as After Effects, but I managed to do it somehow. What I would change is how it ties into the thesis. I didn't give myself enough time to think that completely through.
I learned a fair amount from others' projects. First of all, I realized that even the simplest of projects can be the most entertaining. I also learned that Jiwon can play piano. I also gained some new perspectives on the story; such as a different theory about how Lady Macbeth's character evolved throughout the story. I didn't learn much about myself, besides the fact that I now know how to better organize my time when doing projects.