Blog Post #2: The Story

The second part of my "You and the World" solely focuses on a story. This is the story that inspired me to pick this topic and help others see its importance too. It's my mom's story. She agreed to help me with my project because she knows above all how important it is for other people to hear about HPV, and to do what they have to do to protect themselves.
First I'm sharing research on safety when it comes to catching the virus.

I delved more into the ways you can protect yourself against genital HPV. This type of HPV is one of the more common kinds. Latex condoms are the most recommended form of protection against the infection, but not always effective because genital HPV can be spread through the entire region between your legs. Oral intercourse or skin to skin intercourse will easily transmit the virus and is clearly not the wisest move to make on a person with HPV whether you're male or female. Men can transmit HPV to women and never get affected, or other times it can develop into penal cancer or they can get genital warts. Women who obtain the virus are the one's who receive the most damage; the largest being the possibility of cervical cancer. Condoms are still the most reliable source of protection against catching the virus, but not 100%. 

Interview with my mom:

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Milahn Shurelds (Student 2016)
Milahn Shurelds

This is a very interesting topic. I admire the fact your mom was willing to talk about HPV. I have never heard of this and I learned a lot from this video. The overall project was excellent. It contained a lot of good information and a personal experience. Good job!