Blog post #2

1. How is sound produced by this instrument (now that you know more about sound, please try to refer specifically to the energy transfer and vibrations)?

I was thinking about doing piano at first. Pretty sure I'm going to make either a xylophone or a twanger to make matters easier. Sound is produced with the xylophone by hitting on the keyboard of different sounds and pitches. The longer the rod the more mass it has where as to a shorter rod it'll have a more pitch sound.

2. Based on your understanding, how are you changing the pitch? What physical characteristics are important in this instrument?

 It depends on the length and width of the rod to create the sound.  

3. What materials will you actually be using for your instrument and why? How will you play your instrument? What is your plan for constructing the instrument?

I planned on using metal plates to use as the keyboard and a box to have a base for the plates. From my understandings, the length and width of the rod will have more of an effect in constructing the instrument I would like to play. 

4. What outstanding questions do you still have?

Am I on the right path Ms. Awesome?