Blog Post #3

We do not have any specific elected officials that support this cause. But their is a ton of public support from people who report it and the SPCA. For every animal in danger, there is a news story on it. The people who are pretty much opposed to this are thous who could care less about a animals life. The was an act made for animals it was the AWA (Animal welfare act). We need an official who will listen but also for the SPCA to try hard in the animals defense. The biggest allies we have in this are the SPCA who have been helping animals for a while now. We can coordinate with the SPCA to help us talk to officials so we get animals better treatment. Everyone has the potential to be influenced since this is such a big topic the easiest to influence would be people who are willing to listen or people who are already trying to protect animals from such cruelty.
We need to protect animals like this dog from being abused, this is what influence us to notify the public and volunteer to help care and fight from there freedom and their love. These animals want to be love and we want them to love us.
It difficult to volunteer under the age of 18 but we are determine to find a location. There are many locations that people can choose to help like Morris Animal Refugee, SPCA, PAWS, Pet-smart, and some many others. Their are a number of points in which we could try to rally people with us. For example we could try “writing letters to the editor”. See what we mean is a person could write to a news firm and ask them to help spread the word.They might just put a post in the paper if a person bugs them to death with it they may even us this blog it self.
But a person cloud also write straight to the top at the government and they could be nice enough to give what they are writing a chance and actually state it at a meeting. “Phones and Faxes to the top” are basically just like.And are even more alike the letters because their all doing the same thing. They are asking to get to someone who has the power to help them get their point across. Same with an e-mail they have the same point making plan just go straight to the top and evade all the boring parts like the waiting. “Personal visits with the targeted decision maker.” that help because person good straight to the head, state his case, make it convincing, and see what the head person thinks.
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