Blog Post #4: Net Neutrality

​ In recent weeks, net neutrality has become a huge issue thanks to the recent hearings on the Stop Piracy Online Act (SOPA). The act would have horrific consequences for the internet. As Adam Savage of Mythbusters put it, "SOPA could destroy the internet as we know it", and he'd be right. SOPA would effectively remove free speech from the internet by blocking websites that have any copyrighted content on them (youtube, facebook, tumblr etc). In the previous weeks Congress has been having hearings on SOPA discussing it, and it's quite concerning how well it's doing. 
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"So what can I do to help?" one might ask; well the first thing is to contact your representative. There are many ways one can reach their representative. You can email them, you can write them a letter, and if you feel particularly strong about it you can call the house of representatives and ask for your representative directly (202-224-3121); more information on representatives can be found here. So far I have written an email to my representative (Chaka Fattah) regarding Net Neutrality and it's importance, with emphasis on SOPA and how much damage it could do to the free internet of today.
Beyond contacting your representative, there are many petitions online against SOPA and other action that would restrict the free flow of internet. Just two can be found here and here. These options are incredibly easy to do and can have a huge impact, but they need the support of the public. Without a huge public outcry, these petitions and letters will likely fall on deaf ears. With Congress approval levels at record lows, it's time for we the people to make an effort to have our voices heard.