The Purpose of my of my 10-20-30 page was to interview my closes family, and find out the real history through african american music. Go through all the greats and hits to see which really builded american music. I had to base my project off one simple question why didn't african americans get credit? Where did R&B come from but then I found out that the white people really didn't want r & b and change in american music. While interviewing my father (John Shuman) He gave me the theme the basic idea, he made me look deeper into the project.

The hardest about this project, is getting the information. I had to research deeper than other students. There weren't many articles about how whites stole african american music, they didn't talk about it or said much about it. THe further the years went the harder it got, so i found diaries, and letters. I found articles and things like that, and concert dates about things like that. I went in depth with my research. 

The good thing about my project was i could add my own flavor and add spice, and flavor. I created a page built off inspiration, and what i wanted. The colors, african american pictures, the way i put a collage was all a message. Made the overall question mean something, and I enjoyed this project.

Link: 10-20-30