Blog Post- 4 Journal Entries

I have had multiple journal entries to complete over the past few months in English class. I have chosen my favorite to show case. I enjoy getting my feelings out on a piece of paper and that’s what journals allow me to do.

-A Hero

A hero is a person that I can look up to. A person that I can count on to make good decisions and have respect for their selves. I’m not saying a hero can’t make mistakes because in the movie “The Incredibles”, Mr. Incredible made a mistake that almost ruined his whole hero career. However, a hero doesn’t always have to be fictional, it can be someone right in your own home like your mother, father, or even your dog. A hero like this is never going to be perfect because they are only human. I really appreciate when a person or better yet, a hero can be real and acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them. That shows real character and gratitude.-----


Hmm… If I got away with a really good trick would I tell? That’s a good question. However, no I wouldn’t! I would keep my big mouth shut! I’m not saying it wouldn’t be hard because who wouldn’t want someone to know what you did. You know that feeling when you feel like you have to tell someone so you write it down, or in my case yell it into my pillow. That might sound weird but it works, you should definitely try it. You can’t trust some people these days because when you tell someone something, and you say “promise you won’t tell a soul” knowing god darn well there going to tell Sarah, Annie, and everyone’s grand mom. Therefore it’s good to keep you’re secrets to yourself.


 -All Alone

There have been plenty of times when I felt like I was alone and had no one to turn to. However, recently I had an occurrence with that. This was in the beginning of 9th grade, when we all got our assignments for first quarter. It seemed as if they were never going to stop piling on. I was not used to benchmarks, nor not having test. Also, at my middle school I really didn’t have to try, the work was just really easy. All I had to do was show up in class and listen. The work was really easy and I completed a test like a pro.

I just wasn’t used to the work. The work was very complicated and came all in one bulk. It seemed as though this school was trying to set me up for failure instead of doing their best to help me. When report cards came, I could almost die. I got a C on my report card. C’s looked like the most ugliest letter at the time. I hadn’t gotten a C on my report since the fourth grade. In fourth grade, I made a promise to myself that I would never get another on my report card ever in my life. I felt like I had let myself down. All my peers around me had great report card and I felt alone. I almost wanted to crawl in a cardboard box.


-Am I Perfect?

            How do people expect you to be perfect, knowing that they aren’t perfect their selves? I believe that’s how high a lot of the adults I know expectations of me are. I have always been a “goodie two shoes” and now that I am a teenager, things are bound to change. You know how people always say act your age, not your shoe size. Well that’s what I believe I am doing. I am maturing with my age. However, I believe with maturing, comes with making mistakes; with making mistakes, you have to be mature enough to learn from them.

One thing I hate to do is disappoint people. I especially hate to disappoint the people I love the most, like my mom, dad, and close relatives. Their oppions is what matters the most and impacts my behavior. I know for a fact I don’t act the way I do at home in public and that is not something I am proud of. I think that if my family knew how I acted outside of my home sometimes, they would have a cow. Therefore, I try my hardest not to act like a teenager, and act like a mature teenager that I know my family would be proud of.