Blog Post 1: Enemy of the State

This movie seriously made me angry at times. First off the government knows too much information when it comes to peoples personal lives. In some cases, yes that can be of some use if they are trying to catch a murder but in the movie Will Smith was only trying to help people, not kill anybody. The technology that the government was using to to track people down was just way too much, if anybody for that matter has to go thew all of that watching and spying to keep something a secret. Then maybe it should not be done! Another thing I did not understand is the fact that Will Smith knew the type of people he was woking with and the type of people he was around would bring him some many types of trouble involving the government. The government looked like fools, all of that was uncalled for, if their mothers saw the way they were all acting they would all be in trouble. The government should just leave everyone alone! In my opinion if any one works with a certain level of “life threatening” situations then that person, in this case Will Smith should have a certain level of knowledge that has to do with the job and keeping ones self safe. Which did not happen so that annoyed me and the fact that the government “had” the right to cancel credit cards. Where’s the privacy? Wait, there’s no such thing, and that’s not okay. For that matter the world should just know everybody's information so the government can find people more easy. Isn’t like Will was going to drop of the grid. They were tracking him by satellite I really don’t think he was going to get too far or anybody who helped him for that matter. And I don’t get why it took him so long to find out how they were tracking him but after he found out he was being tracked by clothes. Simple advice ,get naked! I don’t think anybody not even the government can track bare cheeks and if they can there is really a problem. The government should not have that much access to personal information. After the point of knowing where you are, who you are and what you do, if you are not in the current process of putting someone else's’ life in danger then your personal profile should not longer be of valid access. Which brings me to the point of how there are so many cameras all over and the government can calls other people in different parts of town. In tunnels where cars drive and even ask gas station stores for their video security tapes but when real murders happen nobody sees them! WHAT?! What is that? In the movie Wills’ individual freedom should have been off limits because he was in no way putting anyone else in danger. The only thing he was trying to do was stay out of danger. And if all of that technology was not what the government really uses, then they need to upgrade! There is no excuse for all the things that happen in this world an nobody does anything about it like the people who actually are doing bad things are nowhere to be found, that’s a bunch of B.S.. Something can be done, nobody just wants to do anything because they aren’t getting anything out of it.