Blog Post 1: Enemy of the State

​I recall hearing my dad telling me that the government could hear my phone calls and see every move I make, but I didn't actually think that what he told me was fully true. Watching Enemy of the State, has made me realize how much more a government can be corrupt. Of course, this movie was a little exaggerated. Overall I will admit that it is crazy to think that the government can just come into my house and set up cameras to spy on me. The image that is given to the government in this film was very negative. To see investigators, who should be people the nation can trust walk around and make their own rules, I'd say is not a good thing. In the film, the privacy of our citizens is not respected one bit. Today, I believe that it is our responsibility to keep our lives private. Having Facebook, Kik, Instagram, etc. is our own decision and we decide to share to the world what we are up to at that exact second that we post up something on a social media network. With that said, I do believe that the government should have the right to have some sort of level of access with each individual's personal info. Not completely, but somewhat. You never know, someone who has been a good samaritan could be the new Al Qaeda. Though, it should be stressed to keep the safety of each citizens/community. But there should be boundaries. If the NSA has enough evidence of proving that you are a terrorist, the government should be capable of breaking the rules and hunt you down.