Blogpost 3

It’s definitely not a “good” year for our issue. The national minimum drinking age isn’t even approaching the table of things to be talked about this year. Robert Donatucci apposes lowering the drinking age, but he is one of the most important players when determining the outcome of lowering the drinking age. He may not be on the same side, but there are over 100 college professors that are. We can try to coordinate with some of the colleges and their professors. The greatest population that we could affect and influence would be the teens. They are the ones that the law effects, and they are also the ones who want to see the law change more than anyone else. The time frame we have is any time before the next legislation meeting. The liquor control board has no current scheduled meetings because of the death of Robert seeing as he was the head chairmen. As soon as they find a replacement, meetings will continue. That will be the best time to try and bring up our points.