Blogpost 4

We are going to extend our efforts to the National Youth Rights Association. We also want to have rallies and demonstrations to strengthen our arguement. We created a facebook page, Our three step process to victory is
Step 1: Attempt contact with the National Youth Rights Association
Raise awareness with posters detailing what we plan to accomplish as well as a set date for the rally
Step 2: Try to either start or join a chapter of the NYRA to support this cause.
Once the day is set (for the rally)gather a small film crew and shoot the entire rally from start to finish.
Step 3: Release the video showing the support we receive and send it to the proper government officials.
In our rally we want to state the message clearly that we want the drinking age lowered. We want to show statistics that support our point of view. Maybe we could have some guest speakers, like the college professors and other distinguished people that support us. We could send a petition around the crowd to be signed in support.