Book Review: Macbeth

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The world of the legendary storyteller William Shakespeare is at his best when he tells the breath-taking story about a Thane and his betrayal of honor towards the unlikelihood of him becoming the king. The themes of ambition and ruthless power bring out the true colors of the anti-hero.

William Shakespeare, the profound writer, poet and playwright is considered the all time best English language writer. Macbeth was just one of his many classic plays. Shakespeare has written many renowned stories from Romeo and Juliet, the story of two lovers from different worlds, to the story of Othello “The Moor of Venice”, as he brings classical themes together like racism and jealously. He died over 300 years ago and his plays are still related to the present issues we have in our culture today. The format and genre of the book is written as a script, in which the characters and the plot is given through the characters dialogue. The book was published in the year 1623 in a folio. Folio is a Shakespearean term for a series of collected literature.Blood and tears follow him, and the guilt of his unworthy deed costs him his companions lives. The wild grass hides the snake in its charlatan schemes. The two have a zealous soul and little do they know they can’t withstand the ramifications of their dishonored act.

Macbeth is said to be brave and honorable, but he struggles with these characteristics throughout the entire play. Three witches give him a prophecy that he will become the King of Scotland. Lady Macbeth, his wife, wants the prophecy to become reality. Her masculine ambition yokes that of her husband’s. She concocted a devious plan to allow her beloved Macbeth to become King. Lady Macbeth is introduced already planning the death of Duncan, the Scottish King. Macbeth questions himself, when he realizes he must take his own king’s life. Lady Macbeth then manipulates him by questioning his valor and spirit. Macbeth, now in a power struggle feels he needs to prove himself. So he puts all his objections to the deed aside and performs the “manly task”.

The play meets my various expectations. Such as having great dialogue, its ability can to pull me in and catch my attention, starting at the first page. It grabs your ideas and thinking to make you imagine. Another expectation I have is there beautiful words and detail. It gets a kudos for the descriptive details and great usage of words. Shakespeare a genius at work who encourages you to analyze his work.  The book is for readers that have some ideal thoughts on life and have many questions about what's right and wrong. I questioned ideas and themes in the play. For example, a controversial theme in the play was the lust for power and strive to make that power possible. In Macbeth's case, he was willing to kill to advance himself to the throne. Other themes that leave readers puzzled is the masculinity of the woman in the play. Lady Macbeth and the three witches that gave Macbeth the prophecies all jolt a act of violence in his actions. These actions in a woman are uncommon and that's why it puzzles so many readers. The play is full of pages with pure accuracy and detail, giving the reader a new perspective of regret. Which leads to aggressive power. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth feed off each other and that’s how they completed the task of killing Duncan, the Scottish King.

The novel reveals ideas and details that you can never imagine. It’s a classic play that’s is renowned around the world. It teaches you things you would never know about yourself. After reading this play I knew how I was going to approach the world and what flaws i needed to make about myself. Because like Macbeth everyone has ambition or goal. But you can not let it lead you into the valley of darkness and evil. The book can help you make decisions in the future about power and ambition; to teach you how these qualities work together. The book may be a hard read for people who are not use too old readings. For example, the book uses words that are not used in the modern day text. In the book that the play is in the book is organized so that if you understand the dialogue. So there is a nice way you can understand the plot. Macbeth is wonderful plot that you should give a chance.




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