"Born at Midnight" Book Review

Born at Midnight is a teenage fantasy series by C.C. Hunter. It is on the first page of Barnes and Nobles best selling teen fiction page. This book is not planned on being made into a movie although a lot of fans think it should. On IMDb there is even a should be cast for the Movie that is not being made. The series consists of 5 book now but a 6th is planned to come out April 30th, 2013.

This book was pretty good considering I continued to read the next two books so far and I plan on reading the rest of the series as well. I feel like I really connected with the main character Kylie Galen with the exception of speaking to ghosts or being supernatural. I feel this way because in the book, it describes that Kylie and her friend Sara never really fit in with a specific group of people. I usually do the same thing and ‘float’ between groups of people. We also both seem to get overwhelmed fairly easily and we are always trying to please and help other people which sometimes make us even more overwhelmed. Kylie has felt things in her life to be inconceivable and scary, as have I; for Kylie believing in supernatural beings and me believing that there are malicious people in the world that can and will hurt anyone or anything. Especially when my neighbors house was robbed. 

This book was good but it did have a flaw or two. Some strengths in this book are that it has good story quality and how it is fairly easy to depict the characters. Also, that the storyline has twists and turns when you need there to be so it rarely gets that boring and keeps you sucked in. A weakness this book has is that it is a little bit choppy so it shifts a little bit more often than I would have wanted it to. It also chops out some of the details that you would want to know more about but other than that. As a result of that, one thing I would do to change this book is put more detail in some sections and I think that would help people understand the book, characters and events even more which would make Born at Midnight even better.

In the end, I felt Born at Midnight was a really good book and has been a great series. I am also looking forward to reading the rest of the series and I do wish that it would come out as a movie. I hope you decide to read this book and like it as much as I did or even more.

Here is a shortened book review video to accompany my written book review.