Brain On The Stand, a piece by Sergei Mass

 It was an early afternoon in the Johnson household, Martin was cooking dinner for his family. "Mom and Dad this is what I learned in Cooking class in school today" "Wow Chicken Parmesan?" said his mother. "Isn't that so nice Stephen?" said his mother. She looks over and sees Stephen asleep in his chair. She noticed this first happening a few months ago when he passed out in family portraits. 
The next morning Kim, Martin's mother made an appointment for her husband with a sleep therapist. Instantly, he insisted that it was not needed and that he has had busy work days. After a few hours of arguing, the couple drove over to the doctor. They had him do sleep exercises while hooked up to a machine that looks at the flow of blood too and from the brain. Everything checks out, except that the amount of blood flowing back is a lot less consistant than the blood flowing to the brain. The sleep doctor thought nothing of this and let him go back home. Two nights past and he was feeling head pains, strong ones at that. He took Advil and tried to make the pain go away and shortly after, he had rages and fits of anger. In his office, he kicked a hole through his door when he lost his keys. He never told his wife and his child before it was too late.
About three weeks go by and that night has come, he gets up at about 11:30 at night and goes to his sons room and grabs his baseball bat, he beats his son to death. Instantly his wife wakes up, tears running everywhere and two whacks to the head and she's gone. He goes back to sleep and wakes up in the morning to see the bloody horror that he has done. it had taken him a few minutes to realize what he has done. He calls the cops and they come to see what he has done. Instantly he is put in cuffs and behind a metal cell door.
He mentions to his lawyer that he had head pains and had sleep problems and he told them to run something on his head. They put him through a MRI and they found a cancerous cyst off of his brain. His lawyer saw this as a time to be able to get him out of his charges. After two weeks in court, the cut his sentence from life in prison down to just over 18 months in prison due to his neurological disorder.